Covid-19 Health and Safety Plan
Tuition Scale 2022-23 (K-8th) Annual Tuition Total Monthly Tuition Discount
1st Student $5,220 $435
2nd Student $4,959 $413.25 -5%
3rd Student $4,698 $391.50 -10%
4th Student $4,437 $369.75 -15%
5th Student and beyond $4,176 $348 -20%

The first tuition payment for the school year is August 1, and the last tuition payment is July 1. There is a $10 late fee for any payments received after the 10th; however, alternative payment dates can be arranged if necessary.

Scholarship availability is dependent on the budget, fundraising, and donations, and the amount we can award each year may fluctuate because of these factors.

We encourage you to inquire further about scholarship opportunities. We don’t want any families to be discouraged from considering St. John’s because of financial limitations.

A scholarship request form must be filled out and have all required supporting documentation. A confidential committee consisting of a representative from the Board of Directors and St. John’s business administrator will review requests.

Contact us for a scholarship application.